POLI-TAPE Introduces a Game Changer for the Craft Market – POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP – An HTV Material Printable Not Only with Inkjet & Laser Printers, But Also with Ink Pens, Markers and Watercolor Paints!


POLI-TAPE GROUP, the leading manufacturer of polyurethane (PU) heat transfer materials, has introduced a real game changer for the craft market with the innovative POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP heat transfer vinyl. COLOR UP is a high-quality polyurethane film printable using common desktop inkjet and laser printers or by drawing or painting directly onto the surface of the material using media including but not limited to, standard ink pens, markers, felt tip markers, gel pens, and watercolor paints. COLOR UP is easily cut using scissors or a craft cutter. Imagine the possibilities this unique heat transfer (iron on) material offers for one-of-a-kind apparel decoration and personalization.

No matter what one’s style, sensibility or even decoration needs, POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP offers a unique option to design graphic tees and other graphic apparel such as jeans, jackets, bags, hats, all kinds of accessories. COLOR UP offers exclusive personalization and customization options as now unique patterns, artwork, looks, colors and more can be created – the options are endless. COLOR UP offers limitless creativity for kids, artists, designers, crafters, makers, hobbyists, everyone!

In addition to the unique decoration techniques of POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP, due to a special topcoat on the material which melts during the heat transfer and protects the print, the finished product is hot washable up to 60°C. You can find more information on our website or instagram.

There is not a product comparable to POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP available on the market, nor any product which can compete in quality and ease of use. To learn more about POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP and the innovative products of the POLI-TAPE GROUP, contact Meg Ortiz at (904) 215-1411 or mortiz@politape.us.

Color up your life with POLI-TAPE® COLOR UP.