Not only our Christmas tree and our windows have to look festive with our snowflakes, we need some more decorations for the holidays. How about a cute gingerbread house decorated with your favorite vinyl?

And we would not tell you about this great idea, if we did not have great “DIY-GINGERBREAD HOUSE” instruction for you!

For this delicious looking DIY you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A plotter
  • A heat press or iron
  • Our gingerbread house template printed on paper
  • Cardboard
  • Your favorite POLI-FLEX vinyl in your favorite color (or your favorite heat transfer vinyl)


In just a few steps you can create your own winter wonderland:

1.Step: Cut out your gingerbread house template.

2. Step: Transfer the template to cardstock and cut out the outline.

3.Step: Press your vinyl onto the cardboard at 265°F for 5 seconds (POLI-FLEX TURBO) or 320°F for 15 seconds with your heat press and peel off the liner.

4.Step: Take your hot glue gun and glue your cardboard together to build your house.

5.Step: Enjoy your gingerbread house.

For an easier recreation, we made a little video for you. You can find that on our INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK page.