Are you ready for the Ultimate Sunday Funday? Do you have your snacks and game day menu all planned out? Are you trying a new beverage this year? Maybe a Pirate Punch or Kansas City Ice Water, the latter of which ironically has very little water content except for what melts from the ice. Both Tampa and Kansas City offer an array of famous craft beer labels to serve for the festivities.

But the Big Day menu is always the superstar. On the famous football Sunday in February, roughly 28 million pounds of chips, 1.4 billion chicken wings and 8 million pounds of guacamole are consumed. Americans are notorious for our interesting, savory and sweet football food. The Top Five super party MVPs are Chicken Wings, Chips and Dips, Pizza, Potato Skins and Pigs in a Blanket. What are your favorites?

What to wear? Are you supporting the Bucs or the Chiefs this year? Are you like me and wear your favorite jersey for your own team no matter who is vying for the championship? Do you go throwback with vintage gear or will you wear brand new gear? Lately, I love the Salute to Service gear. Regardless of how you turn yourself out, this is a fantastic opportunity to create or personalize your own gear.

You can easily use TURBO FLEX to create your own special t-shirt with your team’s colors. I guarantee it will become your favorite Football Sunday attire. You can also personalize your new gear with your name, your fantasy football team name or your favorite player’s name. How about decorating a onesie for your little tyke and future fan? The dog and the mini pig need their own custom jerseys too! Don’t forget to turn your mask into the ultimate game day accessory. And don’t forget a little glitter goes a long way on the Big Day.

Need a last-minute item to show your support for the competing teams? We have colors to match every team in the league. Decorate pennants, table decorations and coasters cut from felt or cork. These are perfect opportunities for creating smack talk decorations. Use TURBO FLEX to decorate tablecloths, napkins and banners. Apply football laces designs to plain brown paper lunch bags for a perfect snack bag. You can even apply TURBO to a football!

For all the fans who want to showcase their snacks to enjoy the gameday evening, we have built a small snack stadium. For this we took a 24 x 16 inch wooden box and converted it to a stadium with plywood. The playing field is made of TUBITHERM FLOCK and the stadium is decorated with POLI-FLEX TURBO.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to recreate the stadium. You can download the template here. We have shared a video of how the stadium is built on instagram.

We’d love for you to link to and share your stadiums with us.

So many opportunities to show your fandom and your own flair. We want to see what you create using our materials. Make sure you tag us!