It Is All About Customization, Laser Systems and TURBO!      

No other decorated apparel show is as well attended than the ISS Long Beach show held in January every year in Long Bach, CA. POLI-TAPE exhibited this year with huge success and great excitement. No other trend was as obvious as the continued upward trend of customization. While this might be an obvious observation to be made at a decorated apparel show, customization is clearly on the rise.

Customization has penetrated the larger apparel manufacturers. As an early trailblazer to this trend, adidas® is customizing their shoe wear through their “Personalizable” offering. Hugo Boss® will customize their apparel through the Let’s Get Personal webpage. Customization on a very personal level, executed on a large scale, WOW. What are these companies using for their personalization offerings? Heat Transfer Vinyl, more specifically, POLI-FLEX® products. WOW again!

Of great interest to anyone who has ever weeded a complex heat transfer motif is the trend toward using laser systems to cut and weed heat transfer material. POLI-TAPE exhibited stunning, complex, tiny detail designs created through laser ablation. On display were motifs using Silver Reflex retro-reflective heat transfer material, PEARL GLITTER Flex, Brilliant Gold and TURBO Flex. The results are stunning.

We predict a revolution in the traditional way heat transfer vinyl is cut and weeded. Calculate the weed time allotted to production. Now imagine eliminating the weeding process and how production time will decrease. Imagine how the usage of ablation will allow for commercial, volume offering of your complex, fine detail designs. I can’t wait to see them!

We are excited to share one of the most interesting trends at ISS Long Beach as it is one of our own products, POLI-FLEX® TURBO and TURBO PRINT. Both products were sought after and talked about inside our booth and out. POLI-FLEX® TURBO is in demand. Our introduction of this low temp, low time, low pressure heat transfer material allows you to decorate multiple substrates without having to change the heat press time and temperature. We will feature TURBO in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, for more information now, contact us today.

Thank you for sending us your ideas for blog content, please keep them coming. Visit us here often as we have exciting news to share!

Margaret C. Ortiz
Sales & Marketing North & South America, POLI-TAPE USA