POLI-TAPE USA Shines at Impressions Expo Long Beach 2022


Until we all exhibited at the 2022 Impressions Expo in Long Beach, it had been a long two years since many of us in the apparel decoration industry had exhibited. While we were all anxious about attendance and Covid restrictions dampening what is typically a stellar, high attendance event, we were pleasantly surprised. We saw old friends and met new friends, we saw some new, interesting trends, but mostly we had the opportunity to spend time with attendees who were grateful we were there. We were thanked again and again for taking the time and dedication to exhibit at the Impressions Show. We were thankful people came!

It was a strange show, smaller, less glitz and glam, but all those who came out were grateful to show and to see what was new. POLI-TAPE USA was fully committed to exhibiting and went all out with our full booth set-up and samples. We were busy from the start. What made the most impact for us? TURBO, PEARL GLITTER, Sublimation materials and the new REFLEX COLORS collection!

TURBO continues to win with low temp, low time and lower pressure application parameters to just about every textile. It is fun to see the amazement on peoples faces when they watch us apply TURBO for only 5 seconds and peel the liner hot with no issues. The number one comment after application is how incredibly soft TURBO is once applied.

PEARL GLITTER really needs no explanation as we still see a huge demand for sparkly, bling materials. PEARL GLITTER is easy to weed as shown at the show and is softer and more elastic when applied when compared to any other glitter product available.

We heard a lot of “Wows” and “Oh that is really cool” expressions when we showed our new REFLEX Colors collections. You need to see them for yourself, and we know you will be inspired by what you can do with these beautiful, reflective materials which allow for pretty designs with added safety and wow factor in the dark.

Our sublimation products give you the option to decorate garments which are not 100% polyester. We have HTV products made from flock and twill among other materials, which can easily be printed using dye-bub inks, cut and applied to a ton of garments including shirts, hats and bags. Stay tuned as we have more amazing sublimation materials coming out soon. OMG, they are very cool.

This year we were honored to have An Pham, The Useless Crafter in our booth. An was very popular as were her off the mat creations of Toddler, Teenage and Princess Belle characters. Her creations are beautiful and flawless, and it was inspiring to see how she incorporated HTV into her designs. An brought along David May, custom shoe creator, and his massive Beauty and the Beast customized Nikes. You need to see the photos to truly appreciate what he did and the final creations he brought to Long Beach.

We are grateful to An for her appearance with us in Long Beach, her enthusiasm for POLI-TAPE HTV (we are her favorite HTV 😍😍😍) and her genuine commitment to the craft community as well as the local community. An is a philanthropist at heart and we have been lucky to collaborate with her to raise awareness of social issues and to raise money for great causes. Stay tuned as what she has planned for 2022 will blow you away.

If you missed us at the Impressions Expo, stay current on our social media channels and our website. We have fun, inspiring and worthy posts and collaborations planned for 2022 we know you will love and appreciate. Thank you once again to everyone who made it to Long Beach. Thank you for making us feel special. Thank you for promoting our amazing products, for spreading the word and for sharing your work. We will see you all again soon.

An’s IG Live from our booth:

David May: