The Challenges of Adding HTV, or Any Apparel Decorating Method, to Your Promotional Products Offering

Have you recently added heat transfer decoration to your core promo product offering? How is it going? Are you still in the planning stage? Are you having second thoughts? Are you in the first stages of adding apparel decoration to your promotional product offering? Is it going well or is the new offering failing? It is scary to watch your ideas fail, especially when you had high hopes for this new addition to your offering. Especially when you had the buy in, trusted your gut, empowered your team and were methodical in the planning stage.

Before you start making a list of the pros and cons of adding apparel decoration to your offering, start first by putting things in perspective. This will help you make a thorough, meaningful list of pros and cons. Read the latest article on Apparelist where we discuss the pros and cons of HTV decoration. It is important you know the benefits and limitations of every apparel decoration technique. We want you to have all the information. We are here for you for all your apparel decoration techniques.

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