I am excited to see you here, using our latest tool for heat transfer enthusiasts. The POLI-TAPE USA website launched on January 17, 2019, the day before the ISS Long Beach Expo. I am confident you’ll be visiting us often.  Whether you are a beginner or a decorating pro, you will find this the ultimate guide to heat transfer material

January is a busy month in North and South America for the apparel decoration industry. The most important apparel decoration show in the US, ISS Long Beach, was a huge gathering, full of new apparel decoration innovations and an abundance of knowledge shared. Colombiatex, the most important show in South America, drew another huge crowd from across North and South America.

POLI-TAPE exhibited at both shows. We can’t wait to share our notes from these important shows in our next blog posts. These experiences, our impressions from speaking to both vendors and buyers, and our exposure to what is new in the industry is what makes us a trusted source for quality heat transfer materials to suit your most difficult decoration challenges. Our goal is to turn this blog into the ultimate guide to heat transfer material.

As we rocket into 2019, the launch of our new www.politape.us website will allow us to offer market specific information regarding heat transfer vinyl. We will cover new materials, both in heat transfer vinyl and substrates. We will offer tips for working with hard to decorate fabrics. We will talk about how to maximize your investment in heat transfer materials to maximize your offering to clients. We will share our experiences along the way.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you, the decorators who use our materials. We want to know when you have a specific apparel decoration challenge and need advice on how to approach decorating a new garment. We want to hear about what you are doing with the materials as there is no more fun than a good show-and-tell when you have something fabulous to share.

Stay current with us by visiting our site often. If you want to hear from us regularly, sign-up for our newsletter. Contact us directly with questions on our materials or a difficult to decorate garment. Most importantly, visit us when we are exhibiting near you. There is no better way for you to learn our materials and see how we can simplify your world. There is no better way for us to gain feedback on our heat transfer vinyl, new fabrics, new techniques and what you need, than for you to tell us.

Contact us to find out where to find our materials. We have partnered with the best and brightest in the industry. Our distributors exhibit often, visit them and spend time with them. Our distributors offer learning experiences all year round in their retail locations or online. Visit their websites to find educational and how-to videos. These resources are priceless. They will allow YOU to become the ultimate guide to heat transfer material.

Our new website follows a year of change and tremendous growth for POLI-TAPE USA. We moved into a new facility with twice as much warehouse capacity and three times as much office space. We have tripled our staff to meet the demands of years of steady growth. POLI-TAPE USA delivers materials to distributors in North and South America from this location. We also offer support, training and development to all North and South America.

Visit us often!

Margaret C. Ortiz
Sales & Marketing North & South America, POLI-TAPE USA